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5 Great Things About MASH Hike

July 9th, 2017|3 Comments

If you were ever a fan of the TV show MASH, hiking to the filming site is a pretty cool experience! Even if you weren't a fan it's a great hike and Malibu Creek [...]

Hike to MASH Site in Malibu Creek State Park, California

July 9th, 2017|2 Comments

Want to hike to the MASH site?  Having grown up in the 80's, the TV show MASH was a huge part of our childhood.  Finding out that we could actually hike to the filming [...]

Top 5 Favorite Things to do in Mono County, California While On Vacation

June 3rd, 2017|4 Comments

After a recent visit to we've come up with our top 5 favorite things to do in Mono County, California. 1.  Mono Lake in mono county, california This lake is mesmerizing. It's not the [...]

Vermillion Valley Resort: Shangri-La of the Sierra

May 25th, 2017|3 Comments

Our first impression of (what we now lovingly call The Shangri-La of the Sierra) Vermillion Valley Resort was not a pleasant one. We were exhausted, filthy, cold, wet and hungry.  Hiking the John Muir [...]

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Hi there! We are Paul & Laura, two midlife empty nesters, who got married and had kids when we were really, really young. Until recently, we have been immersed into our lives as parents raising children. Now, our kids are in their 20’s and into lives of their own, leaving us to discover “who we are”, pursue our passions, experience other parts of life, seek new adventures and explore this amazing planet. We are explorers at heart who are just getting started. We created The Adventures Project to share our journey, tell the tales of our travels, provide insights & photography and, most importantly, to inspire others to start their adventures at any age!

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