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We are so glad you’re here.  We are two empty nesters trying to navigate the next chapter of our lives.  In 2014 our three children left for college and we found ourselves at a turning point.  What do we do now?  We recalled something a dear friend once said to us, “It’s not who you are that is important, but who you’d like to become.”  So we said to each other, “Darling, let’s be adventurers!”  and The Adventures Project began.  We are on a quest to figure out what the hell we’re doing next through new experiences.  Our goal is to seek out, inspire, motivate and document along the way.  Our motto:  I’ve never done that before.  We truly believe that adventures make everyone’s life better.  Jump on board for the ride, it’s going to be a doozy!


With a sense of humor and seemingly endless optimism, Paul is almost always fun to have around (almost always). He brings an enthusiasm for life to all of our adventures.  Raised in Huntington Beach, a concrete & brick walled beach city, in Southern California, he truly loves to get outdoors. He is on a never ending hunt for the best coffee, burritos and beer.



Raised in the Midwest and a California implant, Laura escaped to the big city only to realize her heart truly preferred the outdoors.  The majority of her childhood was spent moving and she developed a keen love for new environments and anthropology. She’s the planner who brings a dose of reality, risk management and organization to situations.   She’s passionate about Star Trek, never riding fat tire bikes uphill again and her cat, Milo.


We have three children (two girls who are 21 and a son who is 20).  Trips became one of our favorite family times.  We loved to ski, hike, and take cross country trips when they were kids.  Nothing quite like being trapped in the car for hours to get to create some great family memories!  As adults now we have their memories and perspective on things that went well and quite a few that didn’t.  These lessons and tips are invaluable.  We’d like to help pass these on to you!  If you’re looking for some practical budget oriented family travel advice, we have ideas.